Cybersecurity Training

learn what you don't know and protect your business

Leaders need to understand the nature of cyber attacks. If a device is connected to any network, it is vulnerable. If it is vulnerable, it will be exploited. Education and then application is a critical activity to protect you business.

Did you know that over 50% of businesses will experience a data breach this year and that 60% of businesses who experience a breach will have to close their doors due to the cost of recovery?

SimplifIT offers opportunities for on-site / remote Cybersecurity training presentations and seminars regarding the grave concerns facing businesses yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Craig Willard, Chief Operating Officer, will bring his 15 years of real-world, corporate cybersecurity leadership experience to provide awareness into the threats that face today's small businesses. He will deeply cover preventative measures to protect businesses and professionals from cyber criminals.

Additional topics include:

- Why should you you care about cyber security?

- What is the potential impact of a data breach from a cyber attack?

- What is the Dark Web?

- How can I protect my business and assets?

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