Dark Web Monitoring

Don't Get Left In The Dark

80% of data breaches and cyber attacks are caused by compromised company credentials leaving ​1 in 4 businesses closed due to the associated cost in penalties.

Should you be worried about your companies credentials being sold on the Dark Web?

We have a sophisticated approach to monitoring the DARK WEB for your companies stolen user credentials.  We monitor the Dark Web to keep you out of it.

How is data stolen or compromised?​​

  • Keylogged or Phished: the compromised data was entered into a fictitious website or extracted through software designed to steal PII;
  • 3rd Party Breach: the compromised data was exposed as part of a company’s internal data breach or on a 3rd party Website;
  • Accidental Exposure: the compromised data was accidentally shared on a Web, social media, or Peer-to-Peer site;
  • Malicious / Doxed: the compromised data was intentionally broadcast to expose PII.

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