Goodbye MPLS circuits!

Our Perimeter Defense + firewall offers a proprietary and patented technology solution called vMPLS which stands for Virtual Multiple Protocol Layer Switching.  This state of the art solution drives incredible amounts of geographical flexibility in your network infrastructure.  Essentially, with this technology, we can connect your entire network securely from any location.  Through our "Smart Routing Technology", a plethora of secure backbone connections help deliver the shortest distance routing between your endpoints.  There has never been an easier means of flattening your network, period!

This solutions includes:

  • Cyber security package
  • Zero-day protection
  • Managed Wi-Fi
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance
  • Self-correcting SD-WAN fully meshed vMPLS
  • Patented QoS traffic shaping
  • Firewall - IPS/IDS, logs, packet capture
  • ​Real-time cloud attack monitoring
  • Honeypots for intelligent attack sharing
  • Content filtering
  • Advanced WAN load testing
  • ​Power supply monitoring
  • Jitter and latency tracking
  • Dual WAN failover
  • 4G wireless backup

See why we love this solution?

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