AGC of Ky Kentucky Cyber Program

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AGC of Kentucky has taken proactive steps to provide members with the resources to prepare and protect their businesses.  The AGC of Kentucky Cyber Program offers leading cyber liability insurance from Houchens Insurance Group and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions from SimplifIT.

In order to get in front of this risk, SimplifIT and Houchens Insurance delivered this training program focused on providing cybersecurity risks, remediations and the need for cyber liability coverage.

Richard Vincent, AGC Executive VP, introduced the new program.  Craig Willard, SimplifIT COO, shared his 15 years of security experience with a Fortune 100 company. Joe Davis, Houchens Insurance, shared his many years of experience as an attorney and cyber insurance program developer.  

For more information about this program, call the AGC office at (502) 223-8845 or email the AGC of Kentucky office.  

Here are the highlights from the training.

Request Your Security Assessment Now!
Request Your Security Assessment Now!

About the Cyber Risk Training

Cybersecurity is not an “emerging” threat. Each year, over 8.4 million small businesses close their doors due to the extensive costs associated with each cyber incident which averages well over $120k.  Often in the construction business, owners and executives feel they have nothing hackers want.  In reality, hackers penetrate construction companies seeking mission critical data such as proprietary designs and blueprints, construction estimates, confidential employee data and even contracts.

in 2016, ransom attacks in the construction industry increased by 400 percent.  Not having a plan of attack can lead to a loss in revenue due to breaches or downtime, negative reputation or potential business closure.  The penalties are steep and require a proactive strategy leading into 2019.

Construction leaders must stop worrying and ignoring the daily cyber threats they are facing.  It is time to stop being a Cyber Worrier and to become a Cyber Warrior.

Special AGC of Kentucky Cyber Program Offers

  1. Complimentary Dark Web Scan
  2. Complimentary Security Assessment
  3. Cyber Liability Insurance Application

For more information about this program, call the AGC office at (502) 223-8845 or email the AGC of Kentucky office.  

For information regarding cybersecurity solutions or to schedule an assessment, contact Nick Landers at SimplifIT at (502) 783-6630 or email SimplifIT.

For more information regarding Cyber Liability Insurance, contact Joe Davis at Houchens Insurance at (270) 535-6308 or email Houchens Insurance.

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