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Back it up!

I remember the days when you would take your roll of film to the local store to have developed.  It is always fun to sit back and stroll through memory lane looking through those old pictures.  Today though, we don't really do that.  Everything is digital.  Our phones, computers and even our tablets house a massive amount of our memories.  As we often think about life, tomorrow will always come... and so will our technology.  We don't think much about the fact that the next time we turn our our laptop, tablet or even phone, of the possibility that it crashes and we lose EVERYTHING!   Days, weeks, months and even years of memories.. washed away in seconds.  Think about that picture you took when your daughter or son was born, your mother's 60th birthday or maybe your grandparents 50th anniversary.  Those memories are what we hold onto and in an instant, all gone!  Do you scan in important receipts and insurance information to your computer?  Maybe you work from home and EVERYTHING you have is stored on your laptop or PC?

We here at SimplifIT can't express the importance of backing up your information OFTEN!  Imagine not having those pictures anymore because your laptop crashed.  Imagine, as a contractor, losing your signed contracts and negotiated rates because you didn't have a backup when your computer crashed.

It is absolutely critical that you backup that which is important to you.  Technology, while we most often don't think about, will eventually fail.  The question is, are you ready?

There are many options these days for backing up your data.  Thumb drives, external hard drives, and even the cloud technologies such as OneDrive by Microsoft and Drive by Google however, these solutions do not back up your applications, are not automated and unless you pay extra for Google Drive, your high quality pictured will be reduced.  You must "COPY" and paste your files into these drives and lose a bit of quality.

If your data is important to you and you need immediate access to it, we offer a phenomenal automatic cloud based solution that starts around $59/month.  Depending upon which solution you prefer, you could easily recover your applications as well as your data super fast so you can get back to life!

Whether you have a ton of High Def. images or you work from home, make sure you are backing up your data.  If you would like to speak with us about your best options, please give us a call at 502-783-6630 or email us at

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