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Is your current outsourced IT profiting from your downtime?

Is your business using an outdated and costly IT support model?  

​How do you know?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you are using an outdated and costly IT support model.

  • Are you only relying on your IT support when there are issues?
  • Do you get a bill every time you call them to help you?
  • Are they on your dime from the moment you call until the moment they resolve your issue?

If so, they are essentially generating revenue of your downtime!


Luckily, a managed IT services model can help overcome these issues.

Managed IT services relationships provide a fully managed, all encompassing offering which helps your business keep costs consistent and ensures your technology partner is optimally managing your business along with keeping you safe from cyber security risks. The best managed solutions offer unlimited (remote and on-site) support and monitoring ensuring you and your team have maximum uninterrupted productivity and up time.

It is in the service providers best interest to minimize technical failures, as they are committed to your businesses up time. In a managed services model, your downtime reduces your IT partner's revenue, ultimately, giving them as much skin in the game as you do.  Your managed services provider ensures you have the best technology, strategy and support for your business.

SimplifIT is the leading managed service provider in Frankfort and surrounding areas. Our mission is to humanize technology, helping our partners achieve business goals and objectives using strategic technology initiatives.

If you're ready to stop paying your IT services company when your business is having problems, then it's time to consider how a managed services provider can help.  The first step to becoming a more proactive business with technology is to schedule a complementary Strategic Planning Session today.

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